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Anyone who listens to the presentation on United Trading Network binary options would agree the guys behind this semi-automated and fully automated trading software understand the basic working of binary options. After listening to them on the history behind the system and what the system would do for the average trader in the industry, for the first time in 2017, my hope in the better days ahead is rekindled!


To know if a binary system is a scam or not, it is the process of putting it together. Just like a professional trader would do when approaching trading, the same process is followed with automation. The explanation of how the United Trading System Network was put together with each member of the team contributing substantial skill to add up to the other members to come up with a system that works.

united trading network scam Review

We are particularly fascinated by the manner in which the initial beta testers were recruited from among the finance students of the university who already have the passion for learning. More importantly, there is the element that deals with training the traders on the fundamentals of how the system works. Let’s spend a few minutes to X-ray how the United Trading Network works.


About United Trading Network

The key features of UTN are the combination of different core skills required in trading binary options in the team of four people who contribute unique skills needed to make a winning trade. To start with, the people who built the system are not some guys from grass to grace; these developers are already in different separate skills needed to create a system in their academics in the university. Plus, they have a mentor in Professor Greko who guided them on the financial system to achieve the remarkable success.


Furthermore, the second most important part of the winning streak of United Trading Network is the social element and the capability to vote on trade signals by experienced traders to arrive at group decision of what best signals win. While depending on the technical and financial analysis of the system to make accurate predictions, the system is taking a second and last option of social input to determine winning trade.

Who are the guys behind the software?

Professor Greko introduced the UTN Project leader in the person of Adam Fletcher, an international business degree student majoring in Fore. Fletcher had his future carefully chosen with the aim of becoming Hedge Fund manager after he graduated, and joined the school’s investment club to position himself ready for his goal. He introduced Jaleel Bashir, who he met at the investment club. Bashir is a financial trader of note, a skill that caught the interest of Fletcher. While Fletcher is good in financial analysis, Bashir has an edge in technical analysis; these are two most crucial skills in trading binary options.


The other two members of the team came into the picture through the advice of Profession Greko. His wisdom and financial knowledge guided him to believe if Fletcher and Bashir are to achieve their objective of creating a Facebook of online Trading, they need additional skills found in the other two members of the team, thus the inclusion of Lydia Williamson and Matt Kirby.


Lydia is a coding guru, majoring in computer programming and statistics, while Matt is a resource in investment banking which is the core of binary options activity. With these four guys coming together, the powers required to build a reliable binary options system is all set and waiting to explode big time to make many people richer.


Results from initial live tests of United Trading Network

With the painstaking efforts put into building a system that will open up the social system to trade binary option, the United Trading Network was developed with the initial trading result showing the average ITM rates of 80% and make a few hundreds of dollars in compensation for the effort. With further improvement and testing, and ITM rate of 81.5% was recorded and at this time, 12 students with no prior knowledge of trading options were recruited for the beta testing. After the encouraging result, more improvement was made, and further testing involving 15 members of the school’s investment club tested it again, and the result was 83%, a better improvement over previous tests.


How does the system work?

As you must have known, binary options trading are based on series of market variables according to trends in the economy, as well as investment and financial systems. These variables are all pulled together by the delicately coded algorithms incorporating trading strategies in a combination of socially recommended trades by trusted individuals to produce winning trade signals.


In architecture and structure, United Trading Network looks simple, but the depth of its analysis and decision making in arriving at winning trade signals is impeccable.

united trading network review

What is baffling about United Trading Network system is there is no hype like we are used to from many options scams we have reviewed in the past where we get bamboozled with technical jargons and all confusing trade nomenclature that get the head spinning.

Features of United Trading Network you will love

  • Inclusive Binary Education. The system provides resourceful education center where you can learn about forex trading and build your trading skills over time.
  • Semi-automated and fully automated system. United Trading Network gives you two systems in one and you can decide to use either of the systems for your trade.
  • Ability to switch trade rooms. The feature allows you to choose the type of trading method to use.
  • The inclusion of “News tab.” The news tab feature gives you access to fundamental analysis to get updates on relevant financial news, which will be helpful in your trading decision making.
  • Compatible with a variety of devices. If you are on mobile, tablet or computer, United Trading Network is available for use.


How to join United Trading Network

The United Trading Network team is offering free lifetime access to anyone who seized the opportunity of this offer to register for the software.

  1. To sign up for the system, you need to enter your name and email in the space provided and press send.
  2. You will be informed you have been selected and ask you to register for a trading account.
  3. Then fund your trading account an amount of $250 to get started.
  4. After funding your trading account, you are ready to trade with United Trading Network.


United Trading Network is not a scam

In a long while, we a happy to say we see a system that is not a scam. You can trust this system because it there is no reason to doubt its capability. The system promoters are not showing any signs that we watch out for in scams and have genuinely displayed a good sense of responsibility by explaining the backend and development of the system for anyone who understands how binary options work to have a belief in them.


To try the United Trading Network, click the image below!

united trading network

Final verdict

We have reviewed a lot of binary auto-trading software in the past, but something is different with United Trading Network for the following reasons:

  • It is innovative and brings new trading style that makes lots of sense
  • There is no pressure sales and sleazy marketing pitches
  • The platform is ready to help you learn with its education package
  • We didn’t see crazy testimonials of stolen identities
  • For anyone who understands the workings of binary options, the process they told us, makes sense


For the above reasons and many more observations, we recommend this system to the following people:

  1. Individuals who genuinely want to make money trading in options but are sick of lies
  2. Professionals who want to unleash their innate ability to innovate in binary trading to learn the social side of the app

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