Tesler App Scam Review

Tesler App Review


Official website: Tesler.co

Merry Christmas folks, I welcome you to another interesting binary options software review. This review is necessary because we are in Yule and we all deserve to be happy. We will be looking at the Tesler App in this review to warn you to stay far away from the software!


Steven Abrahams, the self-acclaimed COE of Tesler Investment is not a good man! I repeat, don’t do business with Steven because he is a fraud. If you are in doubt, which I respect, read through this review to the end, and I am sure you will be convinced and see the reason for my warning.


Steven Abrahams, we have good reason to believe the guy is a paid actor, used by people of shady intention to front him to deceive people to losing their hard earned money. We will be looking at Tesler app in more details below. We sincerely hope this yuletide season will be a joyful one for you and your loving family.


What is Tesler App?

Tesler App is presented as a trading platform to trade in binary options. It is an auto trader that will take over your trading activities once you initiate it to do that for you. Usually, such system will scan through million of trading signals and analyze millions of variables to identify winning trade and decide which ones to place a trade for in expectation to win.


As usually, Tesler is a freeware. Meaning users who applied during the public offer as beta testers will have the benefit of having access to use it for free, either for life or a limited period. As with Tesler, the owner is offering it for free for a limited time after which some amount will be charged for continued use.


The CEO said users using the system would make a million dollars in 181 days starting from the day they opted to use the system. In order words, Steven said the Tesler would generate $237 per hour and $5,700 per day for life. In which case, he said user stand to make $237 daily for five days weekly.


Tesler, according to Mr. Abrahams, is set up to trade only for a set amount of up to $85 per trade and the system places 12 trades per hour. He said the system loses only one trade in 98 trades, which makes the system 97% accurate in its predictions. The best part of the deal, according to Steven, when peradventure there is a red flag that the system loses a trade; the user will be compensated for the loss. He also guaranteed in the event a user didn’t make the stipulated amount daily, the Tesler Investment will add it up for the trader.


Tesler App has been used for 18 months, and none of its users has ever got close to red. He promoted the software as 100% risk-free, promising it is a life changer!


With such a brilliant and mouthwatering proposition from Steven Abraham, the question is, it is legit? NO, it’s not! In fact, there is evidence to proof this is a scam, and we will show you in the next discussion.


Is Tesler App Legit?

The software reeks of scam and the entire sales pitch filled with insincerity. Let’s prove to you the lies behind the promotion video:


Steven Abraham is a fraud!

We have it on good authority this character is a scam artist. We see every word he uttered as the antics of insincere personality who can do anything for the money. In fact, the CEO is only a paid actor working for some faceless people with evil intention. We don’t trust him. Abraham spent the whole time marketing the software like his life depends on it, and yes it does. Without people falling prey to the scam, where will he find the money to rock Christmas?

Binary options market does not open on weekends

If this is not a lie, what is it? Steven showed the result of earning of one of his fake beta testers, how he made a million dollar from the system. He said the guy started on 14 of May 2016; that day incidentally was a Saturday. How come? But I can’t remember Steven telling us he owns a binary market of his own where trades take place 24/7. On that first day, his guy made $5,718.24, and the story continues till it hit $1,000,000 in profits.


Fake Testimonials

From his wife, Angela’s earning to his son’s earnings and including all other testimonials in the video are stage managed to lure unsuspecting viewer to believe they can make money with the phony system. From the setup, the earning displayed are created to back up the lies about the system working wonders.


Unethical practice

It was said that when your account goes into red, Tesler Investment will make it up to you so you can still earn the guaranteed amount. Hmm, what does this tell you? It means the entire system is micro-managed from the bedroom or whatever of the people behind the system. If they can tamper with a trading software, that means they can make it trade against you to lose your money.


Fake live update

If you see the video, you will notice live update announcing number of spaces left tom complete the phony offer. We downloaded the video, and we discovered it was recorded with the video. So play it a million times, you get to see the same thing over and over again. This is pressuring tactics to make the unsuspecting viewer think time is running out and to act fast.



Make no mistake to trust this Tesler App; it’s a scam. The system is out to exploit people knowing this is a season many people need more money and use that to get money for themselves. Such system as Tesler was put together by people who are in need of fast cash and would do anything to pressure you to take action.


The BS that the system uses LEAD PATTERNS to make the wonderful trade predictions and scan millions of variables to arrive at winning trade is all designed to get people confused.


A good binary system will not go into so much detail about confusing backend working of the system. There are good binary options auto traders that will make you clean money, but Tesler App is not one of them. Our recommendation is, DON’T SUBSCRIBE TO TESLER APPS.

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