SafeGuard Trader Is A SCAM! Scam Review

This is a warning to all traders new or existing, The SafeGuard Trader Software is a complete SCAM. The main man promoting this auto trader is David Hefner who claims to be the CEO Founder. Funny that because just a few weeks back the very same man claimed to be Richard Hefner CEO and Founder of the GPS Trader. We have had so many of our loyal readers contact us to tell us that they have been emailed and invited to join this new software. The email marketers have been at it again promoting the same old rubbish over and over. Please if you do receive any email invitations to join any binary options services just ignore them and unsubscribe.

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SafeGuard Trader Exposed

So we have already told you to beware of the safeguard scam but you need proof,of course, so let’s go.

  1. The biggest give away as we have already mentioned is the actor used to promote this dangerous scam. In this scam, he calls himself David Hefner and claims to be the CEO and Founder. Yet back in May he claimed to be Richard Hefner and was CEO of the GPS trader. How stupid can the makers of these binary options scams be firstly using the same actor but then give him an almost identical name and a name that is quite easy to remember.Gps Trader Scam Review
  2. David/Richard whatever his name is, claims that join today and tomorrow you will make $33000. Then the day after that and the next day and so on, you will make $33000 each and every day using the SafeGuard Trader Software. WOW! that’s some going to make so much cash each and every day, but as we have said many times before this is just not possible to make this kind of cash a day trading binary options. You make this kind of money if you win every trade and invest stupid amounts of money. The truth is that even the best auto traders like the Copy Buffet only make between $800 and $1000 a day.
  3. The Safeguard Trader Team are all with the exception of David Photo stock pictures, a few of which we have seen used before on other binary scams we have reviewed. David However, his picture is taken from the video, you can tell by the poor quality, but the biggest mistake they have made is they called him Richard. It’s like they are admitting that he was used on this other auto trader and they are just trying it on. safeguard trader.png1

Other SCAMS to Avoid

I could make a list as long as my arm but some of the latest scams which are going viral at this present time, some you may already have come across.

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Binary Options Signals and Auto Traders

As I am sure you will have gathered by now most binary options apps are scams just like the SafeGuard Trader but this is not the case with all auto traders and signal services. Most of the scam services do come and go fairly quickly but not before they have conned many people out of their hard-earned cash. For reliable services please do check out our Recommended Services.


SafeGuard Trader Software Conclusion

So the SafeGuard Trader App and its CEO David Hefner are nothing but a complete binary options scam and have no intentions of making you money, just relieving you from your hard earned cash. Please don’t fall for their continuous lies and tricks, trying to convince you that you will make thousands of dollars a day with no effort at all.

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