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Rubix Project Review

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If you noticed, we are having more frustrated binary options scammers early this year. The reason for this must have been because of heightened awareness about activities of fraudsters in the high-frequency market. Of course, you know any trade that depends on the computer for its operations will have lots of people trying to manipulate it. And because it is a complicated system, it creates the room for manipulators.


The Rubix Project by Brian Morgan isn’t different from the scams you have seen recently, and we know more are still coming. Where do you think those exposed fake reprobate brokers will find livelihood if not to intensify efforts to scam people? Rather than change their phony ways of doing things and go with the truth, they just want to make life difficult for others.

Rubix Project

One thing, though, you should not keep spam email to yourself. We urge you to share whatever suspicious emails you receive with other genuine options reviewers or us to expose them. The reason people fall as victims is that they allow themselves to be preyed on by these frustrated brokers. You could save yourself and others by exposing them. The truth is, even if the software works, there is enough money in the market to make everyone wealthy and by not sharing it, you cannot be richer than everybody.


We need to touch on these sensitive issues because it is the collective effort that the fight against cheats like Rubix, Brian Morgan and co can be successfully won. It is not by keeping the secret when we see them. It is also important to share information if you have been scammed; you can help to expose them early, so others will not fall into the same pit as you.


Enough of sermons, let’s talk Rubix Project; what is it?

The Rubix Project is a scam system sending promotion emails to people inviting them to join the system to make money trading in binary options. From the nature of their operation, these guys look like affiliate marketers and brokers’ combo with the nature of their aggressive marketing to get at you by all means. We said it last year that the level of marketing sophistication will profoundly impact the manner of marketing binary options scam this 2017 and it’s already happening.


Rubix Project claimed to be an automated system, used for trading binary options. According to the CEO, Brian Morgan, the Rubix software had made for him in only 16 months, over $40 million in profit without a history of loss. When you hear such lousy claim what does, that tells you? By my calculation, when you divide 40,000,000 by 16 months it came to Morgan making 2.5 million dollars monthly and divided by 26 days of probable trading days in a month, we have over 96 thousand dollars in profit every day of trading. Now, if this is not over ambitious, hyper-aggressive marketing, tell me what it is?


According to the information, the Rubix Project has not lost trade. We wonder how it is possible for software to claim 100% accuracy in a market fraught with so many uncertainties. But like we are already aware, the level of frustration is so tensed, and anything will happen in the coming months of 2017; so be prepared!


Does the Rubix Project Software Work?

Of course not, that claim is only the imagination of the scam promoters. I want to be sure you are not even sold on these lies or are you? Sometimes, because of the need and madness to make money, these guys forget there is a limit to how much they can lie in an industry of heightened enlightenment. More people are aware of scams and know the limit of what can be made from trading options today.


When Morgan claimed that his software had not lost a trade in 16 months and that 10 thousand dollars can be earned daily, we knew something is not right. When Morgan hinted the Rubix app is a dollar churning machine; I know not many of you believe him and to that extent, I am satisfied that our efforts have not gone down the drain. Thank you for being wiser!


Who is Brain Morgan?

It is common for options scam promoters to use actors for their scam project. Again, Morgan is one of such types of actors paid to keep his life going by agreeing to be used for fooling people; a very demeaning job I call it. Well, Brian like many of his predecessors, found a good link with the academics as a student of Mathematics with a Ph.D. in statistics and finally as an assistant professor. But we didn’t believe any of these, and yes, he is just an imposter. Another fake character created for the scam.


By their CEOs, Founders, Owners, and Creators ye shall know them. The moment you hear Wall Street, Mr this and that, or the mention of Academic institutions or very successful organizations, the media, that is a sign something is fishy. We are expecting to hear some of them come from the Bretton Woods Institutions or the United Nations on a humanitarian project very soon.

Proof that the Rubix App is a scam

As already pointed out, the founder of the system is a fictitious character, and when the head stinks, the entire body will stink. That takes us to all the testimonials in the system, and everything that you hear, the images you saw and people who spoke in the video are all frauds.


Proof 1: Past association with scams:

If you are familiar with the following system, Optical Signal Trader, Maximus Profits, Royce Code and Sowelstace Financial, all these schemes have people in Rubix App featured and are all blacklisted systems.


Proof 2: No information on Rubix App

Apart from the claim of making huge profits, there is no explanation how this is possible. In marketing, you have to show how what you claim your product would do is possible.


Proof 3: Instant withdrawal

This is the first time we see same day withdrawal as and when a profit is made. The practice in the options market is, it takes 2 to 3 days to withdraw your earnings for security reasons. But Morgan showed his system can make money now and withdraw it now.



Proof 4: stolen live trading result

Did you believe a thief can steal from another thief? Exactly what we are saying, the live trading result on Rubix Project site is from another scam site.

Rubix Project

Proof 5: Pressuring tactics

Pressuring is when you hurry up your viewers to take action by making it look if they failed to, they will lose the opportunity to be part of the offers. The Rubix system display timeout notice which serves to hurry up viewers to take action. Then you hear him talking about his love for cars and living in opulence.


Final verdict

Our conclusion is only a warning. We want to warn you not to take the Morgan Rubix Project seriously because they do not exist. Someone somewhere is using this phony system to fool the world making it look like the real thing, but in fact, it is all put together to scam you. Stay away from the Rubix Project App because nothing good will come out of it.

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