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Penny Millionaire Review

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It’s a brand new year, and I find it appropriate to wish you a Happy New Year from us. 2017 holds a lot of wonderful promises for binary options trading and we hope you take advantage of the trade to make more money this year than the previous one. It’s good to know you are here and we promise to continue our unbiased review and feed you more quality information regarding trading profitably in the New Year.


Penny Millionaire binary options software is also a brand new trading system that is coming early in 2017. And on a cheering note, we are glad the new software promises a complete departure from what we use to know. It is software with good tidings for binary options traders to increase their money making energy in 2017.

The system from the look of things is a simple one. If not careful, it is a system that will go unnoticed and pass as another one of those systems! But we took a closer look; what we saw gladdens our hearts. We will be talking more about Penny Millionaire in this review to tell you how it works and how it can make you more money.

What is Penny Millionaire?

The software is a binary option semi auto-trader, but with innovation on how you earn. It works like typical auto-traders out there, but the difference is how you make money. What we found intriguing about Penny Millionaire is its non-hyped approach to selling its unique offer. I mean no exotic cars, airplane, or display opulence lifestyle in the name of convincing you to buy the product.

The front-end video presentation features the presenter, who called himself David Forrester. He introduced the concept upon which the whole idea of the product is based on the penny coin growing to become millions of dollar at the power of compounding interest.


David went on to explain that Penny Millionaire is a popular online lottery looking for 100 every day people to transform their lives into millionaires. How will they do that, turning 100 every day people into millionaires? Well, they’ll do that by handing over to them a license to use the Penny Millionaire Binary Options Trading Software. Not only that, David said from the way the system works, each and every one of the 100 people will earn up to a million dollar in 30 days from the way the software is designed.

How penny millionaire guarantees to make a million dollars in 30 days

Penny Millionaire uses custom trading software that is coded with a specialized algorithm that correctly predicts winning trades on the stock market. Mr. Forrester says the software cannot predict every trade, but it can single out winning trades in their thousands to point potential winning trade to make users money.

David admits winning a few trades cannot make you rich, let alone becoming a millionaire. But there is a catch to how the system can achieve its set target by a particular arrangement that turns your little winning trade earnings into something bigger. It called the Penny Formula.

After a trade is placed and won, Penny Millionaire automatically applies the principle of compound interest to turn the small profits into something exponentially larger. The compounding interest is being implemented to every successful trade every day to make a millionaire in 30 days.

How can a Penny Millionaire grow to a million dollar in 30 days?

The software takes a penny from every trade and sets aside in a separate “compounding interest” account. The account starts to grow from one penny exponentially from “$0.01” so fast that subsequent trades’ pennies continue to add up over a 30 day period to become a pool of money that turns into million dollars.

Features of Penny Millionaire

• Compounding interest. Unlike most binary software, penny millionaire help to turn your small earnings into something larger using compounding interest formula that works like investment within investment to grow your every day earning into over a million dollars in 30 days
• Auto trader. It is a binary auto trading software that takes the drudgery of manual trading away from traders.
• Identify winning trades. The system scans the options trading market to locate winning trade that will save you from losing your trading deposit
• Easy to use. The software requires no prior experience to use. All that is necessary is to turn it on in the morning and leave it on throughout each trading day to do its job
• Free access. The trading system is offered free to 100 people who are selected from the ongoing offer
• Available anywhere. Penny Millionaire is online based, this means you can access it from anywhere all over the world where there is the internet as long as you remember your password to access it.

Is penny millionaire genuine?

Penny Millionaire is real and will make money for the user. The simplicity of the system should not be taking to mean weakness. There is the saying that when its looks too good to be true, then it’s probably true. We are cautious about the system at first regarding the claim to make a million dollars in 30 days, but we did the math using the compounding interest formula and discovered it’s the basis of hedging funds generation.


The innovation introduced into penny millionaire makes it possible to turn a small amount of money consistently earned over a period into something bigger than anyone can ever imagine. Compounding interest is the basis for making money anywhere, and it is the sustaining principle that is keeping every successful business afloat.

How compounding interest will make you rich

Let’s assume you save $100 on compounding interest calculation at 5% interest. It means that you will earn $5 on the $100. Add the $5 to $100 gives you $105 and your interest become $5.25 giving you a new balance of 110.25. Note that every new balance will, that is the current interest earned added to the old balance, become the new amount for calculating your new interest. Left over 30 days makes earning a million dollar possible.

Final verdict

Giving the logic of compounding interest exposed by David Forrester, bringing the most overlooked method of growing money into play, and considering the manner of presentation and our conviction that this system works, we have opened an account to monitor our belief. We will update you on unfolding events about the system’s performance after 30 days that we wish to keep it running.

Our conclusion is Penny Millionaire deserves a listening, and for now, we are recommending it for your binary trading. Visit Penny Millionaire here to sign up before the offer closes.

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