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Mike’s Auto Trader & Facebook Group Review

This is actually a follow-up review, On Mike’s Auto Trader & Facebook Group. Having now been a member of Mikes Facebook group and Auto Trader for over a year I can only reiterate what I said in my last review. Mike’s Auto Trader & Facebook Group continues to produce top quality signals with a constant high Win Rate.

Most people who have looked or are looking to bet involved in Binary Options will Have come across the name of Michael Freeman. Michael has been an innovation in the Binary Options Industry with his Countless videos on his YouTube Channel. In his videos, he has given us a vast amount of knowledge of how to get started in Binary Options, with advice on different strategies and how to trade. Mikes website binaryoptionschannel.com is also full of advice and tips, but best of all is advice on Binary Options Scam, Similar to what I am trying to do here Michael has a blacklist of signal services and broker services, from which you should avoid.

Mikes Auto Trader

So Mikes Auto Trader is still now one of the most successful Auto Traders on the market producing on average an ITM (in the Money ) rate of 81%. This is a Semi-Automated software, meaning that it will provide you with the signals and you are then required to enter the trade yourself on the designated broker. One advantage of this is because it is not fully automated, you make the final decision. This software is advising you on the trade from its software developed by Michael and his team of developers. If you do not agree with the software you can wait, you can use your own analysis and jus have the software as a backup to your own strategies, it’s completely up to you.

For me personally the best part of joining Mikes Auto Trader is the fact that you get free access to Michael Freemans Facebook Group


Mike’s Binary Options Signals Group On Facebook

Michael Freeman has produced this Facebook group, which has to be the best way to trade Binary Options. This Group is full with traders giving signals all day long. (during trading hours). So it does not matter is you are in Asia, Africa, Europe or America, there is constantly someone on the group giving signals. The Groups Admins are constantly producing high ITM rates and with the comments are able to help you and advise you along the way. They are always there to help and there is alway advise and help available from other traders.They are also spaced out across the day so there is usually, at least, one Admin giving signals at any given time. This group is such a friendly helpful place to be, I WOULD NOT ADVISE GOING ANYWHERE ELSE. The are many copycat services available but this group is second to none. When I first joined the group I think there were around 1000 members but now there are over 4100 members, so I think this in its self, shows how popular this service is becoming.

My advice to anyone looking to start or even continue trading Binary Options would be to join up to Mikes Auto Trader and with this, you will get free access to Mikes Facebook group. Even if you do no want to use the Auto trader, It is worth joining just to get into Mikes Facebook Group, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT





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  1. I have been a member of Mike Facebook group for three months now and it is amazing, the group is so friendly and the admins trading knowledge is just wonderful. Thanks for this honest review

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