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The decline of American Dollar Domination Imminent; how to protect yourself from financial ruin!

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The reign of the dollar as the leading global currency is predicted to be nearing its end; this would mark the end of the American Empire! We are taking a deeper look at major determinant of the investment factor and what could upset significant financial system change in a few months from now, and this is why we pick interest in this discussion.


We have said severally about some invisible hands dictating the pace and condition of the market, and we are privileged to know a few things that make the world financial path what it is. A major trigger, according to predictions is about to happen first quarter of 2017 that till dictate a rapid decline of the US current position as world currency medium of exchange between nations.


According to the author of the product we are about to review, Jim Rickards, it is too late for this prediction not to happen, but before it does, he took the time to enumerate some things you need to do to protect yourself and family from the financial apocalypse coming soon.

Jim Rickards

Are you read to learn more?

Please read on as we look at Jim Rickards report of many decades of close monitoring and research on global financial trends and high profile investment Intel that will save you major calamity should the expected happen. And according to Rickards, it is too late not to happen; you just have to prepare ahead before you got swept away in the inferno that will eventually consume the position of the US dollar.


The US dollar and the world financial system

Every informed citizen of the world knows the US dollar is the measure for all currencies across nations. In all the continents and economies of the world, the US dollar passes as the medium of exchange. Trades between countries are conducted with the dollars, and it continued to wax strong, leading to the position of the US as the global financial empire and by extension has the US as political leader of the world; but all that is about to change, according to Jim.


Historically, many empires have emerged and ended, and the fate of the US is about to be sealed likewise. It is no news to global economic watchers about the clandestine moves by major competitors of the US in the world economy to unseat the US and strips it of its position as the country whose currency plays the position of the medium of exchange in the global economy.


Various attempts at challenging the US position had been made to no avail as the US has always managed to overcome; but his time, according to Jim, the die is cast and the US losing its position is imminent!


The worse is predicted for the US dollar; you need to prepare

The US dollar’s position as leading global currency is about to end and so would all perks that go with it. Today, the privilege enjoyed by America and American is due to its dollar’s position in global economy. Other nations are scheming and positioning themselves to challenge this, and they already have what is required to unseat and strip America of this privilege.


What you may not know with the dominance of the dollar as the global medium of exchange is that this position confers on the US and its citizen’s lots of benefits. With the threat come true, America stands to lose all perks and soon the country will begin to witness terrible economic mess; worse than is seen in history.


What is the way out of this financial apocalypse?

While it may be too late to save the US going down from its present economic privileges, to become a nation that struggles with debt, and economic sustenance, individual US citizens can do something to be above financial crises when it hits the country.


By that time, the goods and services that freely queue to enter America will become a thing that Americans will have to pay so much to get. The restrictions will be intense, and the government will raise tax and cut social benefits. Many more disincentive economic policies will be enacted in the struggle of the country to make ends meet and guess who will be at the receiving end of all these? You! Yes, the citizens will have more taxes and more bank deductions by the government to settle the debt owed.

What will happen after the US dollar is gone?


The scheming nations will replace the dollar with “world money,” which has hotly been schemed right now by the BRICS countries. BRICS comprises of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; these nations are binding together to unseat the US in the world economic forum, and with their numbers, they stand a better chance of achieving their objective come April 21st, 2017.  In April, this economic bloc may likely use their veto power against the US dollar to change it as world’s medium of exchange for what they call the “world money.”

Here’s How The U.S. Loses Its
Stranglehold on World Power

Up until now, only one country in the IMF’s 189 member countries had enough power to veto a vote against the dollar… and lucky for us, that country was the Unites States.

See, the way the IMF works is each country gets a certain percentage voting clout.

Here, take a look at this chart…

Jim Rickards Scam

Who is Jim Rickards, and why is he warning you?

Jim Rickards has spent a good part of his lifetime at the top economic and political policy making and also in financial and economic research to move ahead of time in major political and economic, activities of the world. Jim is an insider on contemporary economic issues, he studies nations and major financial decisions and has issued many warnings with predicted results in the past.


Politically, Jim pointed to the end of major empires before now and how they end despite what people of the time thought. As an American and someone who had served in an advisory capacity to the US intelligence, the CIA, he is a respected faculty when it comes to issues of economy conspiracies among nations, and he is not a stranger to governments’ secret moves against fellow nations in major world economic and political decision making.


Jim is an authority in money and financial matters and has authored many books including:

  • Death of money
  • The new case for gold
  • Currency wars
  • The road to ruin: The Global Elite
  • The big drop

Jim Rickards Review

What is this all about?

The reason Jim Rickards is reaching out to you is to warn you as he had always done to nations. This time, he has seen the handwriting as usual, boldly written on the wall and he sees no room to wiggle for the US as an economy; there is no escape for the US from the predicted financial apocalypse. It is closer than you think and Richard is out to warn you and make an offer if you would agree to take it.


While the US may not escape the imminent end to its financial reign as an empire, Jim sees an opportunity for escape for the citizens who are smart and wise enough to heed the early warning signs. Rickards identifies three escape routes a citizen could take to arm themselves ahead, against the imminent collapse of the dollar.


He already did detailed reports on how to survive the financial catastrophes about to hit America, and urging those willing to listen to take his offer and escape the danger. Therefore, contained in Jim’s offer are escape routes on how to make money while dollar loses its position in global economy. Not only will you make money, but you would also be able to escape all the fallout of the financial crises that would follow.

There are three steps Jim outlined for you to follow.


Step one: Buy Real Gold before it’s too late.

Jim Rickards predicts that when the dollar loses its hold, the only stable means of value is the gold. He said smart people; especially the wealthy will put their money in gold for safe keep to overcome losing its value during the financial mess. He pointed out some who already are aware of the approaching calamity are already making a move to store billion of dollars in gold.


For the commoners, if you don’t buy gold now, it’s going price might go up to $10,000 an ounce, which will take it completely out of your reach. His report shows you the strategy to do this with the little money you have now.


Step two: Leave the market before it collapse

Jim’s get ready escape plan in step two foretold the fall of the market in which no one can say when it would happen, but it will happen and take with it so many people’s money and leave them in penury. You don’t want to be caught in the cross-fire. Go back in history and see the outcome of the market collapse and the trailing woes.


But, if you get Jim’s report, you will be exposed to his tool how to turn the market in your favor and make more money before it collapses. So, while others are crying and wailing, you are smiling and well prepared to face the gloom period that will follow. He assures you could be up in profit up to 3,000%.


Step three: Get your share of the world money while you can

At the earliest, the “world money” is for the privileged few – the financial elite. The only place where the “world money” is at the moment is the central banks of nations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have yourself a cut of the pie.


Once the imminent happens, the whirlwind that follows will knock everyone out of balance, and you won’t be able to get settled enough to make any clever move but to struggle to latch on any standing shrub to save yourself from drowning. Unfortunately, drown you would, as even the shrub you wish to grab is also at the mercy of the surging financial inferno.


What you need to do right now

To take advantage of Jim’s Intel and prepare ahead of the prediction, all you need is to register and accept Jim Rickards offer. The solution on what to do is contained in his report and with a one-year subscription of $49 plan, including your contact details. With that, he also assures you of getting his research works and books on how to escape the financial apocalypse for free. There are four books including “the only way to win the new world Money, “the new case for gold,” “the big drop” and “one stock to buy & 50 ticking time bombs to avoid.”



Why is he doing this?

Jim Rickards believes you need information to survive the coming crises and he wants to have access to you so he could send and share more of his works on how to become financially free in the new reality of the US economic order.


Rickards believes what is coming is only the start, more financial crises will follow, and that is his way of helping you to protect yourself.


But, there is a catch; only readers are welcome

Jim Rickards wants to build a relationship with readers who are ready to invest their time to save their financial future. And to prevent future calamity, a concerted effort is required. The road to transformation isn’t a chicken soup; it takes work and forthrightness to achieve the best. But in case you feel the Jim offer isn’t worth it along the way, he promises a refund and asks you to keep everything you already got at no cost.


Going and staying on the cruising side of Jim is to tap many years of his wealth of experience and that would give you years ahead of your time in term of financial intelligence to make a sound financial decision that will elevate you above the going economic circumstances.


Our verdict

Reading and listening to Jim Rickards gave us more insight into so many possibilities and rekindled the knowledge of past economic downturn in history. Sometimes to have someone warn us about imminent danger isn’t much appreciated by those who lack the benefit of hindsight and the capacity to comprehend simple economic, strategic information.

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However, after careful attention to Jim Rickards presentation, although this is not a binary options offer, this offer holds the promise to what will determine the future of the options and many financial markets. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at Jim Richard offer and follow his advice.

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