Is Trianasoft a Scam Review,

Is Trianasoft a Scam Review

Is Trianasoft a Scam Review will expose this new software for what it really is. Not what they are making out to be. Which is a respectable binary options auto trader? We have had many complaints about this convincing new trading software, but in reality, it is no different from all the other scams we have encountered in the past. The Founder of the Triana soft Scam claims that his new software will generate winning trades with an accuracy of 92% and sometimes even 100%. I will now prove to you that everything you see and here on the website for Trianasoft is a lie, and this software will not make you the thousands of dollars they have promised.

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Is Trianasoft a Scam

Trianasoft Scam Review

So the big question we all ask is whether or not a particular binary options auto trader is, in fact, a genuine trading tool or just another scam looking to get your money as quickly as possible and not to care whether you make money or not as long as you join up with them. First, look at the Triana soft Software and it does look very convincing. The story created between the Founder of this software Michael Wedmore and his chief developer, mathematician and general brains David Cambell, is very good. They are all in this same office department with a team in the background, Matching shirts it all does look and sound quite good.

Then delve a little deeper and we start to see that this is a scam and these two guys and the whole team are just actors and that everything you see has been staged to create an illusion of a thriving company. It did not take us long to find that the  Trianasoft Scam is not to be trusted.

Michael and David tell us how this software is based on the Butterfly effect. The fact that a very small detail or event can grow and grow to have a massive impact further down the line. They explain how using their software will be very similar to this process. Starting with just he clicks of a mouse you life could change, from a small deposit of just $250 in days this could rise to thousands of dollars and in weeks this could be tens of thousands of dollars. Yes, I can agree with this theory, but in reality, first the software has to work and work well. Secondly, for your balance to rise so quickly your trading stakes will be rising immensely with each new trade. Which in itself is very dangerous as one lose and you will lose it all. It is far better to just trade 5-10% of your balance and let it rise slowly.

Michael claims that the Trianasoft App has been generating profits of 92% – on some days 100%. But at no time do we see any proof of this, there are a few testimonies to back this up but they are all fake and not to be relied on.

The Fake testimonies we have with this software are just like all the other scams we see, stolen picture from another website. Then new identities added and false testimonies created.

Is Trianasoft a Scam

So Tristan Kristensen made £655  in hs first month and has a total profit of £49,111.50, not really he is @Bigrabbit263 from the Eu-Wiki website.

Is Trianasoft a Scam

Is Trianasoft a Scam

Above is one of many locations for Tobias Kristianson, or whatever his real name is. As you can see these pictures are most likely stock photo which is shared by many sights all over the internet, many of which are scams. I could go on but the first two I picked were false as you can see above. the rest are also false if you would like to check them out for yourself, just right click on the image and then google image search.

Another big giveaway that all the scam website seem to do is to have a countdown clock of some description in this case we have two. The first one says this.

5171 People In United Kingdom
You Cut In Line To Access This Video With Your
Private Invite.

Although it now says 5171 people, when I started to review this software it was just over a few hundred. This tactic is used to put pressure on you to sign up quickly before you spot has been taken by one of the many other people watching this presentation.

The next pressure tactic is the fact that it says how many spots are left out of 100 available. This figure will slowly count down  the longer you are watching the video. But in contradiction to this although it says 100 spots available. In the video Michael says that there are only 25 spots available?So which one is it 100 or 25. Not that it really matters because in truth they want as many as possible to sign up.

Is Trianasoft a Scam Review Conclusion

I hope now I have proven to you that the Trianasoft software is a scam and not to be trusted. You will not make any money using this trading app. It will leave you without any money left to trade.

There are however better auto traders available. Copy Buffett and BinaDroid are just a couple of many in which we have reviewed

Thank you for reading my Is Trianasoft  a Scam Review. I  would like to wish you safe and profitable trading.

3 thoughts on “Is Trianasoft a Scam Review,”

  1. Trianasoft have deluged me with emails and simply won’t take no for an answer . I get several emails a day. This level of aggressive promotion and pushing can only indicate a scam of desperate proportions. They claim I asked for contact but, frankly, I wouldn’t go near them with a disinfected bargepole. Unless I was allowed to poke it up their rectums.

    1. Hi Geof
      Thanks for you comment, Yes these scam companies are all the same, once they have your email address thats it, you will constantly keep getting crapy new offers. One warning I would like o mention is to never give out your phone number, as the same will happen. I know i have done it myself.

      1. I’d love for them to phone me – the long distance bills will be huge ( hint – my email address ends in .za). They would get the same treatment I give those other scam / nuisance callers – “scuse me, there’s someone at the door” and then I go away for maybe an hour or so. Incidentally, I reported Trianasoft to their ISP who are Godaddy. They have taken no notice as yet.

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