Hydra App Scam Review

Hydra App Review

 Official SCAM Website – http://www.hydraapp.biz

If you are a newcomer in binary options trading, watching the Hydra App video will give you the urge to give it a try. For the experienced binary options traders, they want to ask how the claim of Abraham Epstein is possible. To making the claim of the possibility of earning $5k plus every day in binary options trading needs more proving than the surface presentation made by Abraham.


For us here, we just laughed! We laughed because we do know that none of our ardent followers will fall victim to such lame claim because we believe that you know how to spot phony binary options claims and Hydra App is not any different.


We know what it’s like look forward to earning $5k per day. Such money can do a lot for our everyday needs, but sometimes, if we failed to face the reality of events, we may end up adding more to our problems than we seek to solve.


Therefore, it is our sincere hope that new followers reading our review for the first time will pay close4 attention to what we have to say regarding Hydra App. We are convinced that this is a false system and the objective is to scam you of your hard earned money. But stay with us as we show you proof of the fraud intentions behind Hydra App.


Hydra App: What is it all about?

From time to time, we hear of different software promoters claiming their apps have the capacity to generate real income in binary options trading. This time, Hydra App promoter, Abraham, is making such claim of creating $5000 every day for the user. The basis for making this claim, according to him, is based on the fact that the software will accurately predict winning trades time and again.


Usually, there is always the attempt to explain how the software will perform to expectation. According to the presenter, there are two components of Hydra App that will make it possible to cough out such profits daily.


How hydra app works

According to Abraham, two components make the software what it is. The first element is the highly advanced algorithm that plugs into the world’s trading market data feeds to analyze and predict winning trades. The algorithm is domicile in the multi-server cloud system backed by the high speed of processing to aid its data analysis power to deliver within time-sensitive periods. The system makes automated decisions according to its self-learning ability. For this, Abraham claimed the software has a 97.4 accuracy rate making it a highly efficient system for binary options trading. It also has an anti-fail mechanism to place counter trader should the current one be detected to likely fail.


The second component of Hydra app is what Abraham likens to the mythical creature with seven heads. This second component comprises of seven world’s top financial analysts with each one saddled with the responsibility to monitor real life trading activities to inform the system of ongoing market events with the capacity to influence the course of trade. They regularly scour the internet and binary market for information likely to impact trade and input it into the system. Such information will aid hydra app to make a sure fire trade decision for continued winning.


Best part, according to Abraham. is the fact that the Hydra app is a self-learning system where its ability to predict good trades gets better by the day. In order words, the more it trades, the more it’s able to make winning predictions.


What is the catch?

Abraham is offering his hydra app system for free to the public to use it for trading options. Like many of its predecessors, the software is being presented as free, but the question you want to ask is whether it is free?


Should Abraham be trusted?

The question about trust is to ask who Abraham is. Our first investigation is to know who the presenter and founder of Hydra app are. Information reeled out by Abraham is that he used to work with Facebook and he gave his quitting Facebook as his significant leap of faith in his decision to build the Hydra app. However, it is disappointing to say that there is no evidential link between Abraham and Facebook. We attempted to find out if he indeed worked with Facebook as a data analyst, but nothing was forthcoming. Our conclusion is that Abraham is indeed a fictitious personality and going forward from there, our suspicion of Hydra app was heightened.


Hydra App Review

Is Hydra App legit?

The story about high-speed computer and algorithms and super computer or hydra, seven wise men claim isn’t new in this business. We know of attempts by system promoters to make a bad system look good using confusing description, but beyond the crafty attempt to bamboozle us with tech-jargons and other sweet words, we want to say that Hydra App isn’t a system to trust for the following reason.


  • $5000 a day is a wild goose chase. Guaranteeing $5000 per day isn’t something we are comfortable with because no one can guarantee such in binary options. With the way Abraham made his presentation, we firmly believe the system was designed to produce $20 per trade and at 250 trades per day calculation; it looks too good to be true.
  • Placing 250 trades a day is way too much. In a high-frequency trade like binary options, placing so many trades is tantamount to incurring losses. We do know that not even the best expert in binary trading can do so much trading per day
  • The displayed hydra app dashboard does not carry the logo or brand of Hydra app. In the video, we noticed nothing indicates that the trading account belongs to Hydra app. We are suspecting this is another scam to deceive viewers.
  • The trading method doesn’t make sense. We said this earlier, the algorithm isn’t new, and the seven wise men story is just another fake contraption to make newbie thinks Abraham and his team knows what they are doing.
  • Fictitious testimonials. When you scroll down the sales page, you will notice a few testimonials. These, are no doubt fake write up by the promoters of this scam.


Hydra App


Abraham and his team did try their best to convince us, but with experience doing this every day, there is no way this is flying with us undetected. The story hasn’t changed with other scams we reviewed in the past. They tell you it’s free, yet $250 is supposed to come from you. Now, when you dare place a trade using their phony system, you will discover you never win a trade. That is their way of making you losing your money without accusing them of scam.


Therefore, our conclusion on the Hydra app is to issue a strong warning, asking you to stay away from the system.  Hydra App by Abraham Epstein is a scam. Do not subscribe to it and please warn your loved ones and friends to stay away also.

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Hydra App is a Scam! – Please avoid or risk losing any money deposited!

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