Greenwood Formula Scam Review! The Real deal??

Greenwood Formula is Different and Will Make You Money?

This is the claim of Jake the man in the introduction video presentation. I am not sure who exactly this Jake fella is in relationship to the Greenwood Formula because he never actually tells us. He never even tells us his name, we picked up his name from a few of the  many false reviews scattered through this sales pitch.

Jake claims that he is so confident that you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars using the Greenwood Formula  software that if you don’t he will personally pay you $10,000 just for trying. He says that as of yet he has not had to pay out a single cent because all of the users of this auto trader have made thousands, and judging by the reviews on the website you could be fooled into believing him.

Greenwood Formula Website:

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The truth is though that the Greenwood Formula is a complete scam, the pure fact that the main personality in this presentation can not even give us his name and at no time does he ever tell you exactly how this application is making money. So how can he guarantee anything? If the software fails ( which it will) and you want to pursue the $10,000 he says he will personally give to you. You will not be able to because we don’t know his name or have any contact info.

Jake also tells us the usual nonsense we here on all of these binary options scams, about keep your wallet in your pocket there is nothing to sell here. You will not need a credit card or bankers draft to use this system. It’s completely free, you won’t have to pay me a cent. This is also untrue just like all the others, to start using any auto trader you will need to sign up to one of the affiliated brokers and deposit a minimum of $250. No broker in the world is going to let you start trading with no cash in your account.

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The picture above shows one of the many clips of so-called happy clients who have been using the Greenwood Formula already. This one shows the broker account of Rosie Green and her balance is over $600,000. Wow! this is very impressive, but who in their right mind would leave that kind of cash sitting in a broker account? This is a tactic often used by the scammers, they like to flash large figures at people to make them look authentic, but in truth, these figures are just manufactured to sell the product. On one of the other screen shots, it clearly shows the balance of one very happy customer with hundreds of thousands of dollars with the date back in June 2015. According to, the was only registered on the 9th May 2016. This makes using the software last year very difficult and obviously a complete lie.

The last point I would like to make about the picture above is the Verified Accounts it shows from more successful happy customers. Again all false, you can google search anyone of them and find the original identities of these people, many of which have been used on lots of other websites. Again this is common practice with scam websites.

All of the video testimonies throughout the footage are also fake a few of whom are actors one of which we have seen recently on the amisso formula scam and one of the others can be seen in the Rapid Income Method scam.

BetorOption Conclusion : Greenwood Formula is a Lousy SCAM


You will not make any money using the Greenwood Formula App and you will certainly not make the predicted $7812 in one day, 19400 within two days and an incredible $41500 in a week. These get rich quick schemes are all the same TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

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