Etoro Review

eToro Review

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Have you ever been paid for using Facebook or any social media platform? Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying Facebook is a bad place to be, but I am asking the question if you don’t know there is a social platform where you can earn from your membership. The social platform is called eToro. It is a social platform where members discuss financial instrument for profitable trade in forex.


When you get or send updates, you are discussing financial instruments for profitable trades. If you were to spend the same time you invest on Facebook and other social media on eToro, I bet your fortune will double in no time.


It is our pleasure to review opportunities that will help you make money. We find eToro so intriguing that we spend some time investigating its activities to see if this is something you can invest your time and money. Being a social trading and investing platform gives us the confidence you are not alone. You can spend quality time with other traders, watch the trade and learn from their success to build your success.


What is eToro?

Etoro is a social trading and investing company providing online resources for trading in forex. It brings the financial activities of other members for you to watch. Gives you the pleasure of copying other users and use their trade information for yours. The purpose is for you to trade without losing as it brings a large community of more than 5 million traders together as trading family online.

eToro Review

Etoro isn’t new; it was established in 2006 in Israel, Tel Aviv to be précised. The founders are two brothers named Ronen and Yoni Assia in partnership with David Ring. The purpose for founding eToro is to run a brokerage platform where everyone profits. Since 2006 down the line, eToro has proved very resourceful.


Etoro is a major player in the forex market and has taken steps to establish its trust and authority as trusted broker over time. The brokerage is a regulated business, registered and regulated in Cyprus with a location in Limassol. It is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under license number 109/10. Also, it is a registered Cypriot investment firm with registration number HE200585.


Etoro didn’t stop with Cyprus regulation, it UK branch, eToro (UK) Ltd based in London is registered as a UK firm with registration number 7973792. It established its industry regulation with the Financial Conduct Authority, also known as FCA with reference number 583263. eToro also established the Europe arm with (Europe) Ltd to prove its ready to meet all compliance laws so you can know it is serious to do legitimate business.


You are not alone, eToro brings together over 5 million members

Everywhere you turn; there is a member closer to you. eToro presently serves over 170 countries with more than 5 million members. You can trade in different financial instruments as a member of eToro. And since 2010 when it’s social investment platform, the OpenBook debut to empower eToro CopyTrading feature, the sky has been the start point for every new member to trade forex.


Its social platform and copy trading feature are enabling members to watch, follow and copy expert top traders on the platform automatically. You can also trade eToro on your Android phones, making trading forex available everywhere you go.

What advantages does eToro bring?

Forex trading isn’t an investment for all comers. It is a trade for those who are ready; in fact, until platforms like eToro started coming up, forex trading is entirely for the expert traders unless you want to lose money, but that was then. Today, eToro platform makes trading and making money in forex a piece of cake. You are securely living together with people who know what to do in forex trading. As long as you can watch the experts and copy their trades you can make money. Using eToro social platform helps you make winning decision that makes you money with the following advantages:

  • Practice account. There is no taking a blind shot, learning how the platform works through demo trade gives you the skill and confidence. With practice, you know what to look for and become familiar with how the system works.
  • Extensive social trading feature. The OpenBook and CopyTrading features do more than they seem. They provide trade information on which you can base your next trade moves. With over 5 million people, you will never run short of quality trade to watch and copy.
  • Highly regulated. The worry for most of us in forex trading is getting a regulated broker for the security of our investment. eToro subscribes to all genuine trading rules and regulations. The company is known. Whether you trade in Cyprus, United Kingdom or Europe, eToro is trusted. The company is not presently in the US and they make no pretense to be there.
  • Discover People tool. To help new members get on well on the platform, this tool is provided to help them find traders to copy. Of course, you will be interested in copying traders with the track record of winning. The tool helps to filter through its trader’s database to locate traders with good trading history to copy. It provides a robust search parameter to define your need with accuracy.
  • eToro CopyFunds. This is a help to give you insight and direction on where to invest your funds. Two versions of eToro CopyFunds exist. First is Market CopyFunds and Top Trader CopyFunds. eToro allows you to conduct personal research to determine your investment portfolio, using eToro CopyFunds provides the guidance needed for a smooth take off trading forex on the platform.


Do you pay to use eToro?

Well, should I say this is the best part? Yes, it is one of the best. You don’t pay to join and use eToro. There is no hidden costs or commission, but you will open a trade account and pay broker fees according to the industry benchmark. I must admit that eToro broker’s spread is a bit higher than most brokers’, but considering the benefits it brings on the platform, I will argue it worth the try.


Is eToro legit?

When we ask about legit, we are also asking if you will make money using eToro; the answer is Yes. I will recommend you start out with the practice feature to master how things work. After that, I will say, go ahead and put your money to trade with confidence because you are not alone.


Our Final Verdict

eToro is a community of people with a common heritage; everyone is working to make other people happy. It is a community peopled by real humans and with human managers. We didn’t see any fluff and sales pitch. Feel free to check the site here, and you will agree this is something giving you the real information needed and not sweet talk to hurt your investment.


After a thorough investigation of the eToro system and we can confidently conclude that it is genuine. We recommend it for your trading activity. You can sign up here.

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