Epix Trader Review

Epix Trader Scam Review

Is the new trading app Epix Trader a Breath of Fresh air in trading?

Continue to read this full review, to discover why we believe Epix Trader could just be the answer most traders have been looking for?

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The last six months has seen a remarkable change in the trading industry. Binary options auto traders are becoming more and more scarce as rules and regulations are tightening up. With a growing number of review and blog sites, just like ours. Exposing the many many scams that have been blighting the industry for the past years. I am not saying that there are still no scams out there because they are. Hundreds of them just not as many as we were once seeing. At one stage we were reviewing one every day it seemed.

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing what appears to be and as far as I can see a new era in trading. The Epix Trader has been designed to take full advantage of trending markets and uses the Scalping method to make the most of any trading opportunities available.

What is The Epix Trader

“The Trend is your friend to the end” This was a statement made at the very begging of the video presentation and is the principle behind the whole software.

This software has been designed for the use of the 99% of traders who have to trade part time and just do not have time to sit in front of a computer screen and study markets and indicators waiting all day for that perfect trading opportunity.

Did you know that in 2016 studies show that auto trading robots placed 95% of all forex trades placed?

The Epix Trader was created by Married couple Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo, they both have strong backgrounds in trading and software development. They aim was to stop the endless traveling and working for ungrateful bosses. They wanted to work from home. So put their heads together to create what we know now as the Epix Trader.

Who are Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo?

Mark and Tina are the married couple who have personally developed this software from their mixed professional backgrounds. Both were post graduates from Boston where they first met while studying finance and economics.

Epix Trader

At the time they were rivals in their fields and were competing with each other to get top marks and the acknowledgment of leaders in their field. which was forex trading and world finance.

After graduation, they parted ways with Tina going to wall street to become a top analyst and know to her colleges as Dr Mufasa. Mark went off and became CFO to a software company that specialized in robot trading and remote controlled trading.

They then met up again years later when invited to an event put on by their ex-dean. This event was inspired by the “Alchemy of Finance”. The Alchemy of Finance was a concept introduced by George Soros. Mr Soros is thought to be one of the best investors in the world and is thought to be in the top 30 rich list with an estimated net worth of $25.2 billion. His book was an inspiration on trends and how to catch them in the nick of time.

Soros was the inspiration behind this venture for Mark and Tina as they long studied his investment strategies and techniques, in particular, the Theory of Reflexivity.

How does the Software Work?

This software basically uses the scalping technique explained in the Alchemy of Finance by George Soros.

Scalping if you have not heard this term before. Scalping is the shortest time frame in trading and it exploits small changes in currency prices.

The accuracy rate of this scalping method is expected to be a moderate 78% but the beauty is that with scalping many more trading opportunities will arise and therefore more trades at a lower win rate leads to higher profits in the long run.

Many traders will have charts filled with many different indicators to give them what they believe to be the best chance of catching the winning trades.

Epix Trader, however, believes in keeping trading as simple as possible. The aim of this software is to catch a trend just as it is about to happen and to exit it at before it changes direction. They have done this using just four very effective tools and combined this with good money management and discipline.

  1. The first algorithm is based on research of current trader sentiment, they use moving averages to determine where the market is going. with the addition of a filter that forecasts the strength of a trade based on trade volume. This is how the software calculates the safest stop loss and take profit automatically.
  2. The second algorithm searches for the best strike rate, based on support and resistance levels. This strategy alone is used by many top professional traders. Trades are quick and vary between 30 seconds and ten minutes
  3. The third algorithm is based on oscillators measuring overbought or oversold market conditions, wiping out spike anomalies.
  4. The Epix Scalper has the ability to take into account major news events and will avoid triggering signals during this time.

The software comes with two trading options

Classic Trading – this incorporates all the algorithms and filters supplied by the software.

Aggressive Trading – This is a double up method, so basically, every time a trade is lost the software will double up on the next trade to double your profits. This is a higher risk method but can be very rewarding.

How much does the software Cost?

Registration for this software is free at the present time but Mark and Tina are looking to float the company that owns the software on the market. At this point in time, they need more beta testers to verify the software and to prove how well it works before it can be release on the stock markets.

So for a limited time, the Epix Trader will be available for free. Once the company has been floated on the market a success fee will be introduced at $393 per month.

You will need to finance your broker account to verify your free place, places will not be held open forever.

The forex brokers that they are using operate an ECN STP Technology. Forex brokers only make money when you trade, they make a small amount every time you place a trade. So it is in their interest to keep you trading and every time you win you will continue to trade and keep winning. Forex brokers are unlike binary options brokers. In binary options, you are trading against the broker. In forex, you are trading against other traders.

Epix Trader has Introduced an early bird scheme. The first 200 members to subscribe will be entitled to use the software indefinitely with no month fees once the software floats on the markets.

To take advantage of the “Early Bird Offer” you will need to fund your account within 48 hours of subscription. You can then download the software any enjoy free access with no monthly fees to follow.

So Is Epix Trader Legit or a SCAM?

Although the video presentation does remind me a little of many of the binary options scams we have reviewed in the past. There is no evidence to prove that Mark and Tina are lying to us. I can not find any evidence to prove they are who they say they are but then why should I, they are not claiming to be trading gurus. They are not claiming to have made people into millionaires, in fact, they have told us that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Forex trading does not have the bad reputation linked with binary options. scalping is a well-documented form of trading and if their software works as well as we are led to believe I for one will be happy to give this, the benefit of the doubt.

Forex and Binary Options

The Epix Trader is very unique in that it is not just a trading app for Forex but it also has been designed to be used in the binary options markets. So it does not matter which trading method you prefer or why not try them both. We are happy to conclude that we shall be trying out both trading apps and will keep you updated on our youtube channel as to the progress we have achieved.

I want to make it perfectly clear that the Epix trader is not an automated trading robot. The CySec (Cyprus Securities Commission) has abolished all automated trading robots and any that claim to be, are not legal and are most likely a scam.

How to get started trading with Epix Trader?

If like me you want to get started trading with this software there are the two options from which you will need to decide on.

Forex or Binary Options or both if you have the time and cash.

Click on one of the links below to get started.

Fill in your details and don’t forget to fund your account so you do not miss out on the Early Bird Offer








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