Daweda Exchange Review

Daweda Exchange a New Way To Trade

Daweda Exchange is unlike any broker we have come across before, in fact, it is not a binary options broker at all. This is a new way of trading simply because Daweda Exchange is unlike any of the brokers you may have seen before. When you win you win 100% profit pure and simple. They give you the maximum payout with just a very small fee for every transaction and this is the only way they make money.

So unlike traditional brokers who’s interest is only in you losing trades and many have been accused of manipulating the results. Daweda exchange has no interest if you win or lose because they will still get their minimal fee.

Instead of investing against the broker the idea behind this system is that you are trading against other traders, not the broker. This is a brilliant yet simple idea which is really starting to become very popular. No need to worry about scam brokers anymore. Win or Lose they still get their small fee and the winner makes a 100% profit.

daweda exchange

Daweda Official Website – Daweda.com

What Does Daweda Have to Offer?

Although The DE (Daweda Exchange) is not a binary options broker, they do offer all the benefits, without the conflicting interests that a broker may have.

  1. A good Range of Assets can be Traded – All of the most common currencies are available From the EUR/USD to  Bitcoin/USD Commodities.Including Gold and Oil. Indices and Stocks. Such as Google and Nasdaq.
  2. Low Trade Starter Price – You can start trading from as little as $10 and then you can trade any amount in multiples of ten.
  3. Trade even till the las seconds – Unlike normal brokers, with Daweda you can place a trade right up to the last second of any assets. Trade expiries can range from five minutes up to an hour or even longer in some cases. Or just seconds if you get in really late.
  4. Free Demo Account – Upon Joining you will instantly be given a demo account with a balance of 500. This is for you to try out the platform for yourself and get used to all its many features. Before you get started with real money.
  5. Daweda Exchange Auto Trader –  Unlike most auto traders you make all the settings. You can set DE to auto trade for you with your own preferences. No Dodgy Signals Here!
  6. Hedging is Also Available –  For peace of mind or just that added insurance, you can use the Hedging option to counter trade for you.
  7. Full Transparent – Everything about this software is fully transparent with no hidden fees etc.
  8. Full user guide and Help Available – There is a very clear and precise guide to help you get started. Live chat is also available if needed.
  9. Minimum Deposit Just $100

Let’s Have a Look at the Platform

daweda exchange

Above you can see the main trading page of the daweda exchange software. We have highlighted the fact that there are clear instructions, to help with first-time users.

At first sight, the page is slightly different to what we are used to with normal brokers, but you soon learn how easy it is to trade with this platform.

  • Firstly you need to choose what you would like to trade from the menu to the top of the screen. Basically Forex, commodities Indices or Stock.
  • Next look at the main screen and choose the asset and expiry time available.
  • Now you will notice the clock counting down. This is how much time is left to expiry on your chosen asset. You have right up until the very last seconds to trade here.
  • Next, you need to select how much you wish to trade. The contracts can be set from 1 to 100. Each contract is $10 and the potential profit is clearly shown.
  • The final step is whether to PUT or CALL and at what strike rate you wish to execute your trade.

About Daweda

The World’s First Contract Dealing Exchange

Daweda Exchange is the world’s first platform to offer a true exchange-like experience for dealing in contracts. Daweda Exchange gives traders the control, power, and benefits of real trading by eliminating brokers and avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. The Daweda platform provides a fair and transparent trading environment where you, as a trader, control your trades, giving you the ability to maximize returns and to trade with complete peace of mind.

Fair Trade

At Daweda Exchange, your trading experience in contracts is both simple and fair. The Daweda platform allows you to trade in contracts directly with other clients, thereby eliminating the need for brokers. Daweda does not profit from any trades, both successful or unsuccessful and we do not interfere in the pricing, so there’s never any conflict of interest. Daweda charges a nominal service fee of only $0.50 to both parties of the contract and there are no additional fees or commissions charged to traders.

You Have Control

Daweda Exchange gives you the ability to set your own price levels and the number of contracts you want to trade, so you stay in complete control of your trades. The platform allows you to easily view available offers from other traders or to create your own offer. When you create an offer, you decide when what and how you want to trade.

Fully Licensed

EU license number is 289/16

Daweda Is fully licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). They comply with the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) guidelines, international Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations

Why is Contract Trading Different?

Normally when you trade binary options with a broker you will be placing the trade with them and they will give you between 70% and 85% if your trade wins.

Contract trading is different in that an agreement between 2 separate traders relating to the result of an underlying asset. One will place a Call trade against the others Put Trade. The winner of the trade receives the full trade amount in return and the loser has nothing.

Quick example

A trader wants to make a call trade on the EUR/USD for one contract ($10)  with an expiry of 20 mins. This trader believes that in 20 mins the value of EUR/USD will have gone UP. If Twenty minutes pass and the value of the EUR/USD has in fact gone up. The Trader Wins $10 + their initial $10 trade.

Daweda Exchange makes its money by just charging a small fee of $0.50 for every contract traded. This is a small fee for the trader to pay and no other fees will be incurred, win or lose.

Dawega Order Book

This is a unique feature to DE. But a very useful and helpful aid to your trading.

daweda exchange review

The benefits of Trade Orders is that you can make a Call or Put trade when you believe an asset will hit a certain price. these orders will then be stored in your order book until someone is willing to make a deal. If nobody is willing to but from you, you will not be charged.


Hedging is another feature offered by Daweda. Hedging or Fencing as many may know it is a strategy used by many people if a trade is going in the wrong direction, to give them some security. Or if an asset is bouncing between to prices this strategy can be maximized and give two winning trades from one position.

daweda exchange

An example of hedging:

Let’s say your chosen asset is oil and you decide to buy 10 Call contracts at the level of 45.56 (point A), as you predict that the oil price will be higher than 46.18 at the expiry time. But what if you change your mind or think that oil might not reach 46.18 at the time of expiry? Since you already have open positions, you can protect your trade by hedging against it. In order to hedge your position, you then buy the desired number of Put contracts to offset any potential loss.

In summary, your one position will end in the money and the other will end out of the money, thereby countering or reducing losses.

To place a hedge trade simply click the hedge button and then choose the level at which you wish to place your counter trade. You now have three potential outcomes.  1- the put trade wins and the call trade loses =$0 profit or Lose. 2 – The put trade loses but the call trade wins = $0 lose or win. 3 Both Put and Call win = 200% on trade amount.

Auto Trading With Daweda Exchange

The Daweda Exchange has the ability to do all your trading for you even if you are not around. All you need to do is set up all of your trading preferences and the software will do the rest. THIS IS NOT A SIGNAL SERVICE.

You will not be charged to use this service although it is unfortunately not available in demo mode. So you will need to make a minimum deposit of $350.


daweda exchange

The auto trader is very easy to set up and can be done in the matter of a few minutes.

  1. Select the amount you wish to trade – a number of contracts.
  2. Select the number of trades to be made during the day
  3. Choose your strategy
  4. Would you like the auto trader to close each day after a profit is reached
  5. Would you like the auto trader to close each day after a Loss is made
  6. Select your chosen assets
  7. Activate the ATS

Key Advantages using the ATS, are the fact that you don’t have to sit around watching charts and waiting for the optimum moment to trade. You are in complete control.


By eliminating broker, Daweda Exchange has successfully solved the problem of conflict of interest in binary options trading. With Its incomparable 100% rate of return on successful trades and the many other fantastic features available Daweda has to be the way forward with binary options trading.


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  1. Daweda Exchange is the best binary options exchange firm like NADEX. Daweda is fully regulated and licensed by CySEC.. If you are looking for reliable and trustworthy firm then I suggest you to go with Daweda Exchange!

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