Binary Options Tips and Advice

Binary Options Getting Started

Now that  you have made the decision to start trading Binary Options here are a few tips to get you started. The first thing I would say to you is to not rush into anything, do you research and only use regulated and trusted services etc.

The first stage will be to find a good regulated broker in the table below are a few of the top brokers around. All are regulated and have been trading now for several years with very good feedback from previous customers.

[table id=2 /]

Brokers will offer you a welcome bonus, this will be as much as 100% of your initial deposit. Although it is nice to have twice as much money to be able to to trade with, if you do accept the bonus you can not make any withdraws from your account until you have traded a certain amount. so it is always worth checking first before accepting the bonus. My advice would be not to accept any bonuses as you will not be able to access any money for some time.

Free Charts

To Start trading on your own or even if you are given signals by another source, you will want to follow charts. Trading charts are used to show what the current prices are on the different assets. Charts are also used to put strategies into place and using different indicators to assist you in making informed decisions on how to place your trade.

Free Charts are available from the following:

Meta Trader 4  – This software is downloaded to your computer.

Freestock Charts –  This is a great free service although not available on Chrome.

Investing .com – Has free charts and other great free services

Below you can see a real live chart which you can alter yourself here


Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is an important part of any traders tools. Before you do anything you should check this calendar for important financial news that will be released during the day and will affect currency prices. Major news events can make the currencies move in a positive or negative direction. If you are able to you can actually trade the news, for example,  positive US news can drive the dollar up against other currencies such as the Euro and Yen.

Above is a real live Economic Calendar

AutoTraders and Signal Services

There are many auto traders and signal services available in binary options, many of which are just scams. They are not interested in making your money, they are just interested in how much money they can get from you. If you do want to go down this road instead of trading from your own strategies, there are a few reliable ones around, but not many so I would recommend that you visit our Recommended Auto traders and signals Page 

A highly recommended alternative is to Join  Michael Freemans Secret Facebook Signals Group, this is full of full-time Traders who are giving signals during trading hours, The Admins are constantly getting 75% plus win rate. If you Open a broker account through one of my links I can get you free access to this group.