Betting systems

Betting Systems

Online gambling and generally betting of any description is said to be for fools and thieves, but there are many people who believe that good strategies and even betting systems can beat the bookmakers. I am personally yet to be convinced, but willing to be converted and would be happy to receive comments on any systems you have tried in the past or even still do use to good or bad effect. There are many, many systems around tried and tested for years, some people swear by them and others not so convinced. The truth is if you want to use a betting system try it out for yourself on demo account first and when you are happy then go ahead and use real money with good money management and only with what you can afford to lose.

Some of the most popular systems

  1. best betting system –  if you start with a balance of £100 you will use 1 fifth of this amount to place you first bet. Always bet on a football match or tennis match, were there are very few outcomes.  So you will be placing £20 on a team or player you are 80-90% certain to win, don’t bet on odds higher than 1.8-2.0. Although higher odd will see a quicker return it is safer to stick to lower odds. when you win you put the whole winnings and stake less 5% onto your next bet and so on until you reach at set figure (say £200) then you start again. The 5% is kept in your account for insurance.
  2. Accumulator bet – this is where you bet on more than one game or event. The idea is to bet on a banker ( guaranteed winner)  first and then combine with one or two more to improve your winning odds. You can, of course, bet on as many games events as you like, but this gets harder to win.
  3. The draw system
    First you choose 2 matches you are guaranteed of a result (like a Barcelona, Real Madrid , Chelsea or Celtic to win), the odds are irrelevant, all that matters is that you are sure of your Selection .
    And then you bet about 10 accumulators with those 2 matches as bankers and a draw (so it’s all 3-fold-accumulators with the two favourites and a draw),
    Choose the french Ligue 2 or another where there are usually lots of draws.
    simple example
    – Fist favourite @ 1.3
    – Second favourite @ 1.3
    – 10 * draws @ 3.5
    Which gives you 10 accumulators @ 5.92.
    So if one of your favorites does not win, you lose 100% If your favourites win, but there is no draw among the 10 predicted draw matches, you lose 100% If there is 1 draw, you lose 40.8% If there are 2 draws, you already win 18.4%                                                                                                 If there are 3 draws, you win 77.6%
    If there are 4 draws, you win 136.8%
    If there are 5 draws, you win 196%
    If there are 6 draws, you win 255.2%
    If there are 7 draws, you win 314.4%
    If there are 8 draws, you win 373.6%
    If there are 9 draws, you win 432.8%
    If there are 10 draws, you win 492%.
  4. Betting on Tennis – as there can only be two outcomes, bet on the favorite but check his past history on that surface and against that specific opponent.
  5. Fibonacci strategy – basically you are betting on football results, you are betting on a draw and if you lose a bet on another draw and continue until you win. only bet on draws when the probability is 2.618. increase your betting by the Fibonacci sequence  1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,etc. the idea is that draws are harder for the bookmakers to predict. England premier league 2014-2015 24% of games were a draw meaning on average you should get a payout every four games.

Alternative Betting Systems

We do not endorse any of these betting systems and advise you to only bet/gamble what you can afford.
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