Bank Tracker Bot aka BTB Scam Review!!

The Bank Tracker Bot or BTB SCAM Exposed!

Full Honest Review on this Deceitful new Auto Trader

The Bank Tracker Bot is yet another nasty money making scheme, that has no real intention or capability to make your money from trading binary options. This new software released just this week has already prompted many requests from fellow traders to get the Bank tracker Bot blacklisted.  We have had a number of new traders telling us that they had an email invitation to join this revolutionary new automated trading system, but unfortunately for them, it has already lost them their full deposit. This happens far too often, the email marketers have no morals and will send out invitations about any old rubbish in hope that they will make a few sales.

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Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review, now for the truth

Michael George claims that using his Bank Tracker Bot or BTB, you too can join the 1% and join the elite just like all the wall street top traders. He claims that you too can live the lifestyle of the rich and famous after just a few months of using his software. Earning a full-time wall street traders income but just n your spare time. This sounds amazing if only it were true. Michael George is certainly not a trader and the mansion and Maserati car we see are just hired for this promotion just like Michael or whatever his real name is. Nothing about this whole presentation is genuine, this is another scam produced by probably the scammers who keep churning out this rubbish every week.

There is not one thing about the Bank Tracker Bot that is genuine. The story Michael tells us,about how an old school friend, Steve contacted him out of the blue and introduced him to this automated system. Steve apparently is a top trader but he had discovered that trading stocks in all the world’s top banks were far more accurate at their stocks were far less volatile than that of the conventional currencies that most traders will trade. Hence, we now have the Bank Tracker Bot.

So I have already explained that Michael and his auto trader are a big SCAM, but what else is untrue and misleading about this Bot?

  • Willie Castro from Russia as shown above and Paul Willis from Sweeden are just a couple of the many faces we see that keep rotating on the home page to try to fool us into thinking that genuine people have actually made money using this software. Completely disingenuous, all of these pictures are stock photos used over and over by many different websites, just like this tracker bot.png1
  • Michael shows us a very dangerous and totally inappropriate way to trade binary options. In an example of how well the bank tracker bot has been working for him, Michael tells us that he made a bet as he calls it, ( as soon as you call it a bet, this implies gambling, but binary options are not gambling if done correctly, using charts and strategies to guide you) of $600 and after exactly one hour his balance had grown by 85%. The trade had won and he now had a balance of $1110. This could happen without a doubt, but is a very dangerous way to trade. Good money Management is key when trading binary options. 5-10% of your balance to trade with not the whole !00%.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will clearly see that they claim to be the best trading bot of 2016, with badges made to imply that this has been awarded by one or all of, CNN Money. BBC and CNBC. This again is completely fabricated and you will find no information about the bank tracker bot on any of these sites, let alone an endorsement or award.
  • The twitter and facebook feeds are all fictional, this trading bit has no accounts with either twitter and facebook and certainly no feedback. ALL LIES!
  • More Photos appear on the second page of supposedly happy customers of this deceptive service. But again all false and stolen from over the internet. Below shows just one tracker bot.png2

The Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review Conclusion

The bank tracker bot or BTB as they also like to be known is not unlike the many scams we have reviewed in the past. The use of fake actors is the very first giveaway and then you get the stolen photo stock pictures used to try and give the product some credibility. Although there are no countdown clocks on this auto trader we are told on the second page that we only have four minutes to fill in our personal details before the spot may be lost to the next person waiting in the Que. If you do watch a genuine presentation like the NEO2 you will see that they only use genuine people and real reviews. They have no need to hire actors and the many reviews online will go along and confirm just how good a service the Neo2 is.

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