Baccarat strategy

Baccarat strategy

Even though every casino game aims to take your money and leave you dry in the end, knowing some tricks will improve your odds. Each casino game has its peculiar tricks and strategies and I have researched workable strategies that will put your in the right direction of learning to apply each strategy for your benefit. However, there is a caveat. I have researched the best strategies and bring it to you as a necessary guide to give an idea of what to do, using the strategies is absolutely at your own risk because playing the casino game and using the strategy discuss in this article is entirely your own decision and I am not in any way responsible for your decision to follow the tricks discussed here.


Casino game strategies

As you must have known, there are so many casino games upon which you can earn or lose money. But in this article I shall restrict myself to the Baccarat game.


Baccarat game strategy

Baccarat is an easy to play game and with the strategy we are going to discuss, you have ample chances to get your house edge down to 1.06%. In the following discussion, we will be talking about baccarat strategies to reduce the house edge and put you ahead at the table.


Baccarat tips and tricks for a successful outing

Let’s talk about the three bets in baccarat, we will compute their house edges and from there, we will decide which of the bets is best. We shall also talk about how to maximize your return to make your money last longer in the game of play.


The three baccarat bets

Baccarat has three types of bets called the Tie, the Player, and the Banker. I assume you already know how to play baccarat, so you should have been familiar with the bets. If you do not already know these, it is important you take a break here and learn how to play.


Alright, let’s go!


The Tie bet

Our first bet for analysis is the Tie bet. Tie bet will pay out 8:1, in the event that the Banker and the Player have exactly the same value. Even though the Tie bet pays out more than the Banker or the Player bet, house edge will be more.  Checking the numbers, the house edge on the Tie bet is 14.12%, meaning each dollar you stake on the Tie bet will return an average of $0.8588. That average of $0.8588 return is equivalent with the worse slot machines game. Therefore, Tie bet is not recommended.


The Player bet

Let’s analyze the Player bet and see how whether it worth your bet or not. The Player bet pays out 1:1 if its hand defeats the banker hand, while the house edge on this bet is 1.24%; that is for every dollar you wage, on the Player, the average return will be $0.9876. This is better than $0.8588 per dollar stake for the Tie. But wait, let see how the Banker performs, before deciding whether to go for the Player or not.


The Banker bet

We are going to analyze the Banker bet to see how it fares. This bet pays out 1:1 just like the Player, if the Banker hand beats the Player hand. For this bet, the house edge is 1.60% that means for every dollar you bet on the Banker will return an average of 0.9894.

According to this analysis, the Banker bet returns the most money on every dollar you wager.  Thus, the best baccarat strategy is for you to bet on the Banker every single hand. Although this strategy sounds uninspiring, but using this strategy will give you the best odds in the long run.


Other baccarat strategies

After you have found the bet with the lowest house edge, you need to consider other steps to improve your chances of success in playing and reduce your odds of busting in baccarat games. Let’s consider a few other steps before rounding up in this discussion.


Bankroll management

Gambling needs money and if you know you are going to be playing for a few hours, you need to make sure you bring enough money to avoid being busted. Bringing enough money is to avoid going broke. Although the Banker bet house edge is 1.06%, you need to have enough money to continue the game until you have the edge and turn the table in your favor. It is recommended to reserve twenty five of your average bet on the table so you can sustain long losing streaks.


Player rewards

Most casinos provide player’s card to players and you can swipe the card at the tables to earn cash back or some other rewards. This is money on the table and you need to ask and take advantage of this to boost your stake and keep you in the game. Remember that, if you don’t ask, the house might not offer it; casino is all about understanding the rule and tradition and you must keep abreast of what applies in your case.


 Selecting a casino

Now that we have discussed a few strategies of baccarat, I think you need to know the casinos where you can try out this trick. You need to remember that every casino have what is general rules and some in house rules, whether online or offline casinos. Getting to know them before deciding on which best meets you liking is another important strategy in playing casino games.


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