Alpha Money Generator Review

Is Alpha Money Generator A Scam

Today we are reviewing the Alpha Money Generator a new binary options auto trader. This is a new money making scheme released that will not make you any money, this is a deceptive scam advertised as a swiss online money program. This new software presentation is full of lies and false information with no real aim to make your money but just to relieve you of your hard earned cash.

What is the Alpha Money Generator?

Florian Samuel is a portfolio investment banker and he guarantees that you will make $2500 with just a $250 deposit using his new software. The Alpha Money Generator trading app is a fully automated trading robot that will do all the hard work for you in choosing winning trades with a 94% success rate. Florian worked for 8 years in Switzerland as a portfolio developer and in this time he created several dozen investment portfolios for different private banks and investment houses.

Now he is offering us the chance to use the Alpha Money Generator, which will generate wealth for us like it has for many of his rich clients in the past. The Alpha and absolute returns in trading and finance are the real characteristics which have been incorporated into portfolio management mandates. This will effectively evaluate returns to his past trader and now you. This means that he can guarantee profitable returns no matter what the market is doing.

This software is accessible on any platform from a smartphone to desktop computer. With no need to download any software. The app is being offered for free for a limited time. With just a $250 deposit to get you started and on your way to a life changing wealth. These are the words of Florian Samuel, but are we to believe him?

Is Alpha Money Generator a Scam?

Alpha Money Generator

Without a doubt this is a scam, just look at the picture above showing Florian Samuel. This guy is not really Florian Samuel, he is one of the most commonly used actors I have seen used in so many binary options scams its now becoming a joke. How can these companies keep using this guy, he has now been seen on so many scams that it makes it so easy to identify a new trading app as a scam? Just because he is fronting it. Most recently he was in the My First Online Payday scam, Before that he was fronting the Midas Touch scam and before that the Mockbird method scam and many more.

Then we get to the members section of the website to a list of six different people from different parts of the world giving their say on what the Alpha Money Generator robot has done for them. The first one Adrian from Derbyshire in the UK.Alpha Money GeneratorHe can be found on this website here,

Alpha Money Generator

Omar from the United Arab Emirates is also a fake he can be found on several websites one of which is

I could go on and pick any one of these people and not one of them is genuine. All photos have been stolen from different parts of the internet and some fake story of how much money they have made, as you can see above.

The certificate that we are shown of the Alpha money generator being a legitimate business is also fake because if you search for the Swiss International Business Community, this does not exist. Yet more proof of the lies and deceit this software is throwing at us.

Is Alpha Money Generator a Scam

I could actually go on about the rest of the false information appearing on this website, but I think to be honest I have already given you enough information to confirm to you that this trading app is nothing but a nasty scam.

Conclusion on the Is Alpha Money Generator a Scam

So we once again have exposed another crafty malicious scam with their only intent on getting you to sign up to one of their brokers and to fleece you of your entire investment. With no intention of living up to their promises and guarantees of changing your life for the better and to make you the money you deserve. This type of money making gets rich quick scheme are far too frequent online with at least one appearing every day. I am trying my best to keep you informed to the best of my ability. If you come across a binary options service which you are not sure about, please do let me know and I will do my best to review it and hopefully, save you losing your investment.

There are a few good binary options signal services about please do check out my review on these products before testing them out for yourselves

Thanks you for reading my Is Alpha Money Generator a Scam, I would like o wish you all safe and profitable trading.

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